Hot Stone Massage

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Details of Hot Stone Massage

Timings: 45/60/90 Min.
Categories: Massage

4.9 (148)

Rs. 2499/-

Min. Price

Features Includes:

  • Expert & Certified Massagist
  • 45/60/90 Min Session
  • Personal Massage Room
  • Super Hygenic Ambience

Description - Hot Stone Massage

During a hot stone massage, the techniques of a regular massage are applied. However, the therapist also works with hot stones that are placed on specific parts of the body. The stones are smooth and flat and usually made of the volcanic rock type called basalt. These particular stones are chosen because they retain heat. The stones used for a hot stone massage are placed in hot water to warm up before being applied. They are then placed onto specific areas of the body, such as:

the back
the stomach
the face
the hands
the feet